Linda Riedl


MO[NU]MENT A body of memory

Concept, design and production of a book on iconic photographs of the 20th century. The book highlights various photographic testimonies of historic events and draws a line to the broader imagery of Chernobyl − the nucelar catastrophe in 1986 and the trace it left behind, related to my childhood memories.
It is divided into 3 chapters:
1. the symbolic value of collective (the iconographic body) 2. google images as catalysator of collective memory (the simultaneous existence of multiple bodies and figures) 3. chernobyl and my first personal memories (the destruction of the body).
Edition of 3 artist books, 86 pages with 3 types of printing techniques: Blind Embossing, Inkjet and Stencil Print. Printed on 3 types of natural paper by Gmund. Size 22x30 cm.